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#11BEGG – The future of influencer marketing & ambassadorship

What is the future of Influencer Marketing? Will we soon all follow ‘virtual’ influencers, and will avatar-based marketing compete with real life influencers? Why should you consider a Brand Ambassador Program, and how do you set it up?


These are just a few of the questions that will be answered during #11BEGG @ Social Seeder in Vilvoorde. Btw they have an extra large terrace so sunny weather is not an excuse to stay home ;-)

Social Seeder

Agenda Thursday 7th of June:

  • 19h00 – 20h00: Welcome, food & drinks
  • 20h00 – 21h30: The future of Influencer Marketing & Ambassadorship
  • 21h30 – 22h00: Aftertalk, goodiebag & goodbye

Social Seeder, Schaarbeeklei 647, 1800 Vilvoorde

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Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Warm Regards,

Kel Wouters

#10BEGG recap – Digital Speeddates powered by Telenet’s Digitale Versnelling

Telenet Business invited us for a very inspiring event powered by their cool project for entrepreneurs and small businesses: “De Digitale Versnelling”. We started with food & drinks (delicious pizza!) on their beautiful terrace.

Telenet Business - Digitale Versnelling

We were welcomed by one of our Belgian Girl Geeks role models: Martine Tempels, head of Telenet Business, founder of CoderDojo Belgium and member of the Flemish STEM platform.


Afterwards it was time for the speeddates with 9 of the Digital Experts from De Digitale Versnelling. They received questions about different digital domains: Email MarketingE-commerceSocial MediaWebsiteEfficiency & InfrastructureOnline SecurityBrandingOnline Advertising and Reporting & Conversion. From When should I post on social media and What tools should I use for my business to How should I prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)… No question was left unanswered!

Do you also want to have a ‘digital date’ sponsored by Telenet Business? Small businesses up to 20 people and entrepreneurs can book a free 2h session via And no, you don’t have to be a Telenet customer to participate and no they won’t try to sell you something ;-)

Last but not least a big thank you to everyone who made this inspiring event possible:

  • Martine Tempels, Pieter Aertgeerts & Nikki Paelinckx from Telenet Business for being such great hosts
  • Robbe Dierckx for the really nice aftermovie of our event
  • My 8 expert-colleagues for the speeddates: Liesbeth Keuninckx, Elien Vanhaesebroeck, Herman Maes, Stijn Martens, Kristof Verheyden, Roald Larsen, Kristof Nizet, Gianni Brisson
  • Sarah Vandendael from Smaak for the delicious surprise treat in our goodiebag

…and of course all attending Belgian Girl Geeks for the great vibes & atmosphere.

See you next time ;-)

#10BEGG – Digital Speed Dates powered by #digitaleversnelling

Telenet Business recently launched “De Digitale Versnelling”, an amazing initiative allowing small businesses up to 20 people and entrepreneurs to book an expert for free and receive 2 hours (!) of digital advice. And no, you don’t have to be a Telenet customer to participate and there is really no catch Topics wise you can choose between 9 domains: Email Marketing, E-commerce, Social Media, Website, Efficiency & Infrastructure, Online Security, Branding, Online Advertising and Reporting & Conversion. The entrepreneurs who provide the advice are all entrepreneurs themselves like Herman Maes who you might remember from #8BEGG – How to Blog, and yours truly is also one of them.

De Digitale Versnelling

Therefor it seemed really fun to create a spin-off Belgian Girl Geek event and organize Digital Speed Dates @ Telenet powered by De Digitale Versnelling. They said yes so I hope to welcome you all at #10BEGG on the 5th of July Unlike the title might suggest we are not going to look for love… as always we are going to look for inspiration!

The concept:
There will be 9 tables with Experts who will talk about the 9 different topics mention above. So in total you will be able to have 9 speeddates in small groups. During these speeddates you can ask the Digital Experts anything you’d like to know for your company, or for yourself. Of course you can still book an expert after the event if you want to know more via

Agenda 5th of July:

  • 19h00 – 20h00: Welcome, food & drinks
  • 20h00 – 21h30: Digital speeddates (in Dutch)
  • 21h30 – 22h00: Aftertalk, goodiebag & goodbye

Telenet Business, Liersesteenweg 4, 2800 Mechelen (parking is foreseen)

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Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Warm Regards,

Kel Wouters

Christopher Avery’s Responsibility Process: book launch event in Ghent

Invitation: book launch event in Ghent on 11 October 2016.


Leadership is innate. The Responsibility Process proves it.

The Responsibility Process is a natural mental pattern that helps you process thoughts about taking or avoiding responsibility.

It’s how you navigate it that determines whether you are leading toward meaningful results or just marking time. Being aware of this process sets you on a new path in your personal growth and leadership.

This book gives you precision tools, practices, and leadership truths to navigate The Responsibility Process and lead yourself and others to freedom, power, and choice.

What to expect

We will welcome you as of 19:00 at Zebrastraat in Ghent with light snacks and drinks. Christopher will present his new book: “The Responsibility Process: Unlocking Your Natural Ability to Live and Lead with Power”, which has just been released. He will share with you his story and how over 25 years of experience led to the writing of this book.

After his presentation there will be time to share your stories, your challenges and co-create some new insights into your own innate leadership gift and how to practice and improve.

You will be able to buy a paperback version of the book at this event, which Christopher will be delighted to sign.

Please RSVP through this link!

If you are looking for a more in-depth event concerning the Responsibility Process, Christopher will also be guiding us through a full-day workshop at the same location. More information can be found here.