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Announcing Belgian Girl Geeks Event #1: Treasure Hunt Contest in Antwerp

Monday, May 19, 2014 4 Permalink 3

Hello ladies,

Initially I wanted to wait with posting the announcement until our website is ready, but I’m too impatient so here we go :-)

For our 1st edition we’re going outside! Our start & end location will be the Hello bank! pop-up store in Antwerp, but in between you’ll be on the hunt for prizes on the Meir using beacon-technology offered by Nexen. This technology is rather new so to be able to participate in the Treasure Hunt Contest you need an BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) support. Meaning an Apple smartphone as from iPhone 4s or an Android device as from 4.3. Let’s say a smartphone of maximum 2 years old. For Android you can test if it will work on your smartphone by already downloading the BeaconApp: if you get to see the app in the app list, it should work! If not you might have to update your software.


  • Date:                 Saturday 31st of May 2014
  • Topic:               Beacons Treasure Hunt
  • Attendees:        50 (female only)
  • Gear:                 iPhone 4s or higher and the BeaconApp for iPhone, or Android device as from 4.3 and the BeaconApp for Android


  • 10u00:             Registration & breakfast
  • 10u45:             Welcome word by Kel Wouters
  • 10u50:             Explanation Beacons & Contest by Kurt Vergult (Client Partner at Nexen)
  • 11u00:             Beacons Treasure Hunt
  • 12u30:             End of Treasure Hunt + Lunch & Drinks
  • 13u30:             Announcement winners / goodie bag


Hello bank! pop-up
Meir 41 – 1st Floor
2000 Antwerpen

Nearest parking:        Q-Park Antwerpen Meir at Korte Klarenstraat 10

<<Attend this event by registering through Twikilist>>



  • GudrunDF
    May 22, 2014

    This is great! Not only do the girl geeks live on but such a fun activitiy!
    I’m so sad I already have plans, so I won’t be able to make it.

  • Annelies
    May 28, 2014


    I am on the ‘waiting list’ but I was wondering: can I still join, just for fun? Or is it still possible people will cancel as it was last time at BGGD?


    • Kel Wouters
      May 28, 2014

      Hi Annelies,

      It’s definitely possible that some ladies will still unsubscribe last-minute. Of course you’re welcome to join, but there will only be a goodie bag for the 50 ladies on the I’m In-List. See you Saturday?!

      • Annelies
        May 29, 2014

        I don’t mind not having a goody bag, I’m coming for the fun!

        See ya then!!

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