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Brush Busters app teaches children how to brush their teeth correctly

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Philips introduces the Brush Busters app, developed with dental professionals in mind to help make brushing fun for kids and instill good oral hygiene habits from an early age.

The app works through interaction with a series of fun storylines, where children can help save the teeth of exclusively created cartoon characters every time they brush for two minutes. During brushing, the character keeps track of time spent and encourages the child to brush each area of the mouth for a thorough clean. Each time a child brushes successfully, a new tooth appears in their chosen character’s mouth, until the full set of teeth is complete. Parents have the option to add in additional rewards for their kids to further motivate them to brush regularly. There is also a separate section within the app for parents where they can monitor the frequency & the time spent brushing.

The Brush Busters app uses sound detection technology with the Philips Sonicare for Kids toothbrush to determine when and for how long children are brushing,
while the character feedback adjusts accordingly during the session to provide kids with a rich and rewarding, interactive experience. Children can select from two characters and each character takes 12 days to complete, with 2 brushing sessions per day.

Philips has developed the app characters together with children aged 7-11, the main age group that needs support with developing good oral healthcare habits, and also cooperated closely with dental practitioners to ensure that the app met with their professional requirements.

The Brush Busters app is available for  iOS & Android.

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