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Brush Busters app teaches children how to brush their teeth correctly

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One for all the Belgian Mommy Geeks ;-)

Philips introduces the Brush Busters app, developed with dental professionals in mind to help make brushing fun for kids and instill good oral hygiene habits from an early age.

The app works through interaction with a series of fun storylines, where children can help save the teeth of exclusively created cartoon characters every time they brush for two minutes. During brushing, the character keeps track of time spent and encourages the child to brush each area of the mouth for a thorough clean. Each time a child brushes successfully, a new tooth appears in their chosen character’s mouth, until the full set of teeth is complete. Parents have the option to add in additional rewards for their kids to further motivate them to brush regularly. There is also a separate section within the app for parents where they can monitor the frequency & the time spent brushing.

The Brush Busters app uses sound detection technology with the Philips Sonicare for Kids toothbrush to determine when and for how long children are brushing,
while the character feedback adjusts accordingly during the session to provide kids with a rich and rewarding, interactive experience. Children can select from two characters and each character takes 12 days to complete, with 2 brushing sessions per day.

Philips has developed the app characters together with children aged 7-11, the main age group that needs support with developing good oral healthcare habits, and also cooperated closely with dental practitioners to ensure that the app met with their professional requirements.

The Brush Busters app is available for  iOS & Android.

Avoid a blackout? There are apps for that :-)

Saving energy is currently a trending topic. And no wonder: since months we’ve been warned for possible blackouts during winter. There were even maps to discover if your area could be affected by a blackout. Bye bye tv, bye bye laptop, and bye bye smartphone cause our batteries don’t survive that long without power ;-) No back to basics for me please! Luckily that’s not necessary ;-)

During #4BEGG at we received a voucher for a Smart Energy box by Electrabel allowing us to manage our electrical appliances and their energy consumption in a few mouse clicks, even remotely (I’m sure you all know the incredible adorable Kito) and this all to save on energy costs too.

What I appreciated most is that we don’t even need to be Electrabel client > they also activate it for Belgian Girl Geeks who are client with one of their competitors! So all the attendees of #4BEGG can use the Electrabel Smart App! Might be nice to all join their defrost-campaign so we can measure our energy usage before and after the defrosting of your freezer and discover the impact. My hubby is already curious about the results :-) If you want to share your results with the people of Electrabel, which would of course be insightful to them, make sure to use some of these hashtags: #ontdooimee #electrabel #smartenergybox #mijndiepvries

Kito - Electrabel mascotte

Now what else can you do to save energy and treat the environment a little better? Here are some useful (& fun) apps & tools:

Energids app
By regularly inserting your meter readings you can not only measure your own energy use (electricity, gas, water, fuel oil, and even your car) but also compare it to others to learn if you are using a lot or if your energy consumption level is ok.

Fake Shower App
Many people turn on the faucet or shower only to prevent others from hearing the “sounds of nature” in the bathroom. With this app you don’t need to waste water anymore. It emulates the sound of a shower or faucet and afterwards tells you how many liters water you spared!

My Water Diary
This app helps you track your weekly water consumption so that you can reduce your waterusage and save money.

Wiser EMS
The Wiser Energy Management System makes energy use easy to view and understand with “infographics.” Families can see where they need to reduce energy consumption to see the best bang for their buck.

The SMERGYmeter is a tool that shows you in which rooms of your house you can save energy, and will provide you with a lot of easy tips to implement. Once you start implementing tips you can also check how your energyusage is improving and compare your results with those of your friends.

Elia 4 cast
Make sure to download this app on your smartphone (available for Windows Phone, Android & iPhones)! It’s a power indicator that keeps you up-to-date about the Belgian electricity network for the next 7 days via a very logical colour indication: Green = normal, Orange = risk on electricity shortage, Red = risk on electricity cut off, Black = electricity cut off announced

Do you know some other cool energy or environment saving tools or apps? Don’t hesitate to share them with us ;-)