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Proximus Presents: Swipebox

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I recently shared an invitation from Proximus for the event “Coming soon to your livingroom“. There were a few Girl Geeks present, but for those of you who couldn’t make it here’s a recap so you know what’s coming ;-)

The event was all about something to boost your television and it’s called the Swipebox. It’s a little box that you connect to your current Proximus hardware, and which will transform your TV into a Smart TV.

Proximus Swipebox

It will allow you to showcase photos and videos on your TV directly from your smartphone or tablet, while the TV-program that you were watching keeps playing in the background. Oh and it doesn’t matter from which brand your tablet or smartphone is, pretty important :-) Of course you can also watch TV on your mobile device. Compared to their competitor Telenet you will be able to play films and series you recorded on all your devices and wherever you want, while with Telenet this is currently only possible within their network.

What I really loved was the new look of their navigation. It seems to be extremely user-friendly, and I think a lot of people will throw away the remote and will control their TV from their smartphone. And let’s not forget that Proximus is the only TV supplier in Belgium with a Netflix partnership. So no need for a Chromecast or Wii for Proximus subscribers to become Netflix addicted ;-) They are also looking into expanding their packages with a focus on a stronger sports offer. Next to that it’s very likely that streaming services like Spotify will be added in the future.

Proximus - New Navigation

These Proximus innovations are of course only a first step. I’m pretty sure that on the long term they will integrate the Swipebox in the decoder. In any case, only good news for Proximus clients!

Affiliate Marketing workshop by Herman Maes &

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A while ago we hosted a Belgian Girl Geek event together with Now they launched a nice initiative that we gladly support by sharing it with you!

Did you know that you can easily earn some money with your personal website or app? Even without placing annoying banners or using pop-ups?

Maybe “affiliate marketing” rings a bell. It’s a fun way to promote brands or services on your blog, and receive a nice commission instead. Easy as cake!
A good example we would like to introduce to you is the partnership program.

Because affiliate marketing is often considered as unknown territory, likes to invite you to take part in a practical workshop at Idealabs (Antwerp). What’s on the menu? will explain what their partnership program entails. But to really get you started properly, we’ll give the floor to avid blogger and online marketer, Herman Maes (Daily Bits / Intracto). He will tell you how affiliate marketing works, how you can implement it and what benefits it brings to you and your blog.

Workshop by & Herman Maes

We’ll provide the necessary refreshments and snacks. But don’t forget to bring your own laptop, so you can kick-off right away.


• Saturday, June 27th 2015, 10am – 13pm
• Telenet IdeaLabs (Lange Klarenstraat 19, Antwerp)

You can subscribe by sending an email to

Hope to see you there!

#7BEGG: the ‘Healthy’ edition

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Yes, that’s right! Belgian Girl Geeks goes sporty :-) On Tuesday the 23rd of June we’re invited at Energy Lab in Paal. Maybe some of you have already heard of Energy Lab; Karen Damen for recently went there during her tv-experiment “Perfect“…

Karen Damen bij Energy Lab tijdens Perfect


Energy Lab is active on 3 levels:

  • The Lab: fitness tests, body composition, body scan, coaching, …
  • Energy @ Work: targeted to companies that want healthier employees and a healthier culture
  • Apps & tools: like the start-to-run app with Evy Gruyaert

That said when you subscribe make sure to bring or wear running shoes and a sporty outfit because we’ll do much more than only a tour through Energy Lab!

We’ll update you on the full program later but if you’re up for a little challenge you can already register ;-)

  • Date: 23rd of June
  • Timing: welcome as of 7PM @ Energy Lab
  • Location: Energy Lab (Golazo-building), Schoebroekstraat 8, 3583 Beringen
  • Gear: sporty outfit & running shoes

<< Register for free >>

#6BEGG – Recap of an exclusive evening in the wonderful world of Samsung

The Belgian Girl Geeks had the incredible opportunity to dive in the world of – The Internet Of Things.

Samsung has given us an exclusive preview of what will be on the Belgian market in the last quarter of this year or at the latest the first quarter of 2016.

Here you can find a snapshot of the presented devices.

1. Samsung VR9000 Powerbot
First we meet the Powerbot. An automatic vacuum cleaner which you can command where to clean thanks to an easy infrared pointing device.


2. Gear VR
With the Gear VR you are in a kind of virtual reality. Perfect to give a real view of a particular environment where you can experience it like it is reality. You just have to click your smartphone in the 3D glasses.


3. Fridge
A fridge with double compartments. One in the front for the stuff you need every day and a second behind it for the the stuff you less often use.

4. Washing machine
With almost no buttons. You just need the Samsung app to switch on the machine. :)


5. Smart Home
With the Smart Home package of Samsung you can have the same functionalities as a domotica system, but a lot cheaper! Starting from €200 for a basic package.

You can even open the door when you are e.g. watching TV just by using your Samsung app and the Smart Home hubs. You don’t need a key anymore!

This will be available from quarter 4 of 2015 or quarter 1 of 2016 on the Belgian market.

6. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
It has a lot of additional features like the ability to make panorama selfies, the possibility to charge the battery very fast, to group your contacts and allocate different lighting colors for each group when they call you,… . This will be available from 17 April.


There are a lot of Samsung Galaxy S6 gadgets like a wireless charger. From now on you can charge your Samsung mobile just by putting the device on the spot. Or the battery chargers on-the-go when there is no electricity.


The Experience Days and the Smart Home of Samsung were a great experience for all of us. Thank you Samsung Belgium and Kel Wouters for this exclusive Girl Geek night!

We’re looking forward to the next one! ;)