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#7BEGG: the ‘Healthy’ edition

Friday, June 5, 2015 0 , Permalink 0

Yes, that’s right! Belgian Girl Geeks goes sporty :-) On Tuesday the 23rd of June we’re invited at Energy Lab in Paal. Maybe some of you have already heard of Energy Lab; Karen Damen for recently went there during her tv-experiment “Perfect“…

Karen Damen bij Energy Lab tijdens Perfect


Energy Lab is active on 3 levels:

  • The Lab: fitness tests, body composition, body scan, coaching, …
  • Energy @ Work: targeted to companies that want healthier employees and a healthier culture
  • Apps & tools: like the start-to-run app with Evy Gruyaert

That said when you subscribe make sure to bring or wear running shoes and a sporty outfit because we’ll do much more than only a tour through Energy Lab!

We’ll update you on the full program later but if you’re up for a little challenge you can already register ;-)

  • Date: 23rd of June
  • Timing: welcome as of 7PM @ Energy Lab
  • Location: Energy Lab (Golazo-building), Schoebroekstraat 8, 3583 Beringen
  • Gear: sporty outfit & running shoes

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