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Proximus Presents: Swipebox

Monday, August 10, 2015 0 , Permalink 1

I recently shared an invitation from Proximus for the event “Coming soon to your livingroom“. There were a few Girl Geeks present, but for those of you who couldn’t make it here’s a recap so you know what’s coming ;-)

The event was all about something to boost your television and it’s called the Swipebox. It’s a little box that you connect to your current Proximus hardware, and which will transform your TV into a Smart TV.

Proximus Swipebox

It will allow you to showcase photos and videos on your TV directly from your smartphone or tablet, while the TV-program that you were watching keeps playing in the background. Oh and it doesn’t matter from which brand your tablet or smartphone is, pretty important :-) Of course you can also watch TV on your mobile device. Compared to their competitor Telenet you will be able to play films and series you recorded on all your devices and wherever you want, while with Telenet this is currently only possible within their network.

What I really loved was the new look of their navigation. It seems to be extremely user-friendly, and I think a lot of people will throw away the remote and will control their TV from their smartphone. And let’s not forget that Proximus is the only TV supplier in Belgium with a Netflix partnership. So no need for a Chromecast or Wii for Proximus subscribers to become Netflix addicted ;-) They are also looking into expanding their packages with a focus on a stronger sports offer. Next to that it’s very likely that streaming services like Spotify will be added in the future.

Proximus - New Navigation

These Proximus innovations are of course only a first step. I’m pretty sure that on the long term they will integrate the Swipebox in the decoder. In any case, only good news for Proximus clients!

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