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#4BEGG – Contest Update!

Saturday, November 29, 2014 0 , , Permalink 0


When announcing #4BEGG I already mentioned 2 of the prizes that attendees might win on the 4th of December @ Area 9, namely a Philips hue starterskit, and a set of 2 unique upcycling posts designed by our Minister of Upcycling Evy Puelinckx together with her book “Upcycling – Afval wordt design“.

Well, it’s get better: Philips will also give away 5 x  LivingColors Iris: a stylish lamp that colours your home. It links with your hue system. It does all that hue does. But sits on your desk, your shelf or sideboard and washes your walls with beautiful light.Match your light to your mood. Or even let it change your mood. Just select any picture and use it as a palette in the hue app. Perhaps use a slowly changing dynamic light scene to mix things up.

Hope to see you on Thursday, but if you can’t make it please unsubscribe on time so one of the reserves can come in your place ;-)

Kel x